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Futsal is the ideal small sided (5v5) indoor version of soccer to support the development of young players. It is the best forum that allows young players to build a relationship with the ball and achieve ball mastery at the young ages. Some of the worlds best footballers started in Futsal. Neymar, Ronaldo and Pele.

Neymar Playing Futsal

I started playing Futsal when I was four years old and most of the moves I use on the pitch come from playing Futsal. Playing Futsal as a young child really helps to develop ball skills, it’s easy to learn and develop skills through Futsal. I found I could transfer my Futsal skills to the outdoor pitch very easily because I played Futsal until thirteen or fourteen years of age before I began playing outdoor football.”
Ronaldo, Former Brazilian Legend

The Role of Futsal in Spain


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