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Objective: to promote a culture of development by playing fun and competitive futsal games to complement the soccer development of soccer players.  We want players to earn through playing, focused on individual development, healthy environment, and competitive games. 

No weekly winning team, but a weekly individual leaderboard sorted by age group, with points accruing based on total wins, ties, goals, and participation.

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Age Groups

Participating Clubs


2015, 2014, 2013,

2012, 2011, 2010

boys & girls

Heart & Sole Futsal

Pearland Soccer Club

Please contact Coach Henry to participate.

Ankle Breaker Gym

14724 Almeda School Rd, Houston, TX 77047

Start Date


September 24, 2023

Every Sunday

until Nov 19


Number of games depends on how many sign up.  Either 3 short games or 2 long games, totally between 90 and 100 min playing time.


FIFA futsal rules


Every Sunday, teams and schedule are determined by the number and level of registered teams and individuals

Registration deadline:


Full Teams: $200

Individuals: $36

Friday at 11pm before the Sunday of the tournament

Referee Fee




6-8 players per game

Open Roster Concept:

Teams can have a set roster or an open roster to switch rosters based on the need of the game/team. Also, players can play for multiple teams if necessary.  The coach of the team needs to make sure there is a team ready to play each game at the required skill level to make the games competitive.  Heart and Sole will not monitor the birth-years of the players on the team.  The mission is to make the games competitive to provide development for each individual player participating.

House Teams:

Heart and Sole Futsal Academy will form house teams for players who would like to participate, but could not participate with their club team. Contact us to be placed on a house team.

If you have any questions 

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